Fundraising never tasted so GOOD

Lets be honest. Everyone has bought food from school fundraisers we don’t really love, but we do it for the school, cause or organization. Authentico Gourment™ is no ordinary fundraiser. Our delicacies are baked by iconic bakeries, have won awards and have been recognized in magazines and on television. Authentico Gourmet™ is truly a foodie’s fundraiser.

Authentico Sauces

Mo Orders, Mo Money

When your members order the Authentico Gourmet™ delicious pizza, pasta sauces, and desserts, money will go straight to your group! The more they sell, the more your group will earn. Authentico Gourmet™ has iconic eats even the most discriminating palate will want to devour.

Bakery Style Pizza

Bakery Style pizza is some of the most delicious pizza in the world. It is known for its delicious sauce. Our sauce was created over 100 years ago by our Great-Great Grandma (Nonna), and is award winning!

Online Gourmet Supermarket

We set your organization up with your own “Fundraiser Code” and sales materials . All you have to do is provide friends, families and colleagues a link to this website, their “Fundraiser Code” and they can start ordering.

How much do you earn?

The very best part is your group will earn 20% of every sale. Run two Authentico fundraisers a year and earn double!

Tips to Fundraising

Once you send in your information, we will send you a Authentico Sales Brochure PDF with some helpful tips and tricks to running a successful fundraiser for your group. Start earning some dough today!

Starting your Fundraiser

Fundraising with Pizza is great around major sporting events, or big company parties. Who doesn’t like pizza? All you have to do is provide friends, families and colleagues a link to this website, their “Fundraising Code” and they can start ordering their pizzas!

How to try Nonna's Famous Sauce
How to try Nonna's
Famous Sauce

Submit your Information

Click our "Get Started" button below and fill out the information sheet for our professional fundraising team and we'll be in touch right away to help you have a successful fundraiser.

Groups We Help

Our goal is to help thousands of schools, sports teams, churches, day cares and other non-profit groups become successful in exceeding their fundraising goals. We will make sure your fundraiser with us is both easy and fun!

Our Fundraising Products

Our iconic eats will provide the quality that you would expect from such authentic bakeries. We pride ourselves in working with time tested recipes, slow cooking methods and professional chefs and Bakers.

Profit for Successful Fundraisers

We know that profit is critical for achieving your fundraising goals. Using a brand such as Authentico™ will give your fundraiser instant awareness, which will get you on the fast track to a successful fundraiser. We will work closely with you to help you reach your fundraising goal.

Fundraising with Authentico Gourmet

Once you sign up for your fundraiser, we work with you to schedule a convenient delivery day and time, recommending active selling for 3-4 weeks. Orders can be placed online which makes the ordering easy for you and your organization. Once your fundraiser concludes, Authentico Gourmet products™ are made fresh and delivered to your organization.


From the oven, to your mouth, to your pocket, earn thousands of dollars for your group or organization.

Start an Authentico Fundraiser Today!
Start an Authentico
Fundraiser Today!

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