The brand aims to be the first pizza on the moon | Refrigerate after opening.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: American pizza manufacturer Authentico Gourmet has created a revolutionary pizza with an all-natural sauce that doesn’t need refrigeration until opened. Their recipe combines old-world Italian preservation methods with breakthrough scientific technology and allows pizza lovers to enjoy their favorite meal wherever they go.

Authentico Gourmet says their invention represents the fourth category of pizza, following pizza from the pizzeria, take-and-bake pizza, and frozen pizza. Their pizza uses an all-natural sauce with no nasty chemicals or shelf-stabilizers made with imported extra virgin olive oil, Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, and premium tomatoes that are topped with mouth-watering mozzarella. The pizza doesn’t need refrigeration until opened so that pizza fans can get the great taste of pizza any time and any place, whether they’re re-camping, tailgating, or one day even on the moon.

‘When I was in Italy, immersing myself in old-world cooking techniques, I discovered focaccia with tomato sauce did not need refrigeration. I was immediately inspired and knew it was my responsibility to make these forgotten recipes available to the world. I started researching how to integrate ancient and modern food preservation methods, spending hours reading secret family recipes, talking to chefs and food scientists. I was trying to bridge the gap between old-world cooking and modern food preservation.’ Jimmy Sclafani, Authentico Gourmet visionary.
The idea was brought to life when Jimmy shared his discovery with Kevin Kirsch, co-owner of the grocery store Chevy Chase Supermarket. They immediately started working on setting up a state- of-the-art Italian specialty food incubator by hiring lab and food scientists to bring their vision into reality. In addition to shelf-stable pizza, Authentico Gourmet also makes other shelf-stable Italian favorites, including breadsticks with marinara sauce and garlic bread.
The pizza brand started as a nationwide fundraising company, helping organizations sell pizza to support their activities. Their work included fundraising with the Babe Ruth League by introducing their pizza and other Italian products. The Babe Ruth League has over 1,000,000 people in 11,000 baseball leagues around the country. Since Covid-19 took hold, they pivoted to developing new and innovative recipes based on old-world favorites.
About Authentico Gourmet: Authentico Gourmet is the world’s best shelf-stable pizza made with all- natural sauce, combining forgotten old-world preservation methods with modern-day scientific advances.
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