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Start an Authentico Fundraiser Today!

Are you ready to start a fun, easy, and profitable Fundraiser? Fill this important information sheet below and get your fundraiser started today!

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Please let us know more about your fundraiser; is this for a youth group, school, team, work project, or ???more details
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How many people/families are you trying to sell to?more details
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How much money would you like to raise for your organization?more details
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Will you be selling and marketing your fundraiser through email, social media, or paper flier? (Ask us how we can help you market your fundraiser)more details
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Where will you plan to have the pizzas delivered so people can pick up their Pizza Pies?more details
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Any additional notes you would like to leave for our team here so we can help you more with raising money for your cause? (If no, please type N/A)more details
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