Pizza on a mission!

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The Authentico story

When Authentico pizza aficionado Jimmy Sclafani was in Italy, he discovered a delicious Focaccia with tomato sauce that did not require refrigeration until opened. When he inquired how this was possible, he was told that “food preservation is as old as mankind.”

Our Products

Authentico Gourmet is a family of authentic food products, known for their delicious taste, straight from the heart of Italy. All of our products are made from old-world recipes, using 21st century technology to bring them directly to you. Authentico is set to be a pioneer in shelf-stable pizzas, pizza crusts, Stromboli’s, Calzones, and many other Italian delicacies. Whether you’re at home or on the other side of the world, if you’re wishing for delicious Italian food, Authentico Gourmet will satisfy your palate. So sit back, relax, and enjoy a taste of Italy.

Partner with Us

Authentico Gourmet is on a mission to shelf stabilize the very best of Italian food and make these dishes accessible for everyone around the world.

We started with our Nonna’s old-world recipes and then began to partner with iconic, Italian eats like Cacia bakery in South Philly. Authentico Gourmet made Cacia tomato pie shelf-stable so everyone could enjoy a bite of South Philly legendary tomato pie pizza.

Sell Authentico

Authentico has brought innovation to some of the highest-selling food products, which has enabled distributors, supermarkets, and specialty stores to offer unique products for the modern consumer.