Our Story

Old-school Italian specialities anytime and anywhere. No refrigeration needed | Refrigerate after opening.

When Authentico pizza aficionado Jimmy Sclafani was in Italy, he discovered a delicious Focaccia with tomato sauce that did not require refrigeration until it was opened. When he inquired how this was possible, he was told that “food preservation is as old as mankind.”

Jimmy was immediately inspired and dreamed of making some of his favorite old-world recipes available to everyone. He began researching both ancient and modern food preservation methods. Jimmy spent numerous hours poring over his family’s secret recipes, talking to chefs and food scientists to bridge the gap between old-world cooking and modern food preservation. He knew he was onto something big.

When he was in a third-generation grocery, Chevy Chase Supermarket, he discussed the idea of an authentic shelf-stable pizza to the owner, Kevin Kirsch. Kevin immediately loved the idea, and in a matter of minutes, Jimmy and Kevin set up an Italian, specialty food incubator: hiring the best lab and food scientists to bring this vision to fruition.

Jimmy had the spirit, and now he had the way to bring authentic, Italian food to anyone who wanted it. And just like that, Authentico Gourmet was born. In less than two years, Authentico created the world’s best gourmet, shelf-stable pizza kit and line of old-world, Italian favorites that do not require refrigeration until it’s opened.

Authentico Anytime!

Going on a long road trip? Put an Authentico Pizza in your car! No refrigeration is necessary until it's opened.

Camping? Bring an Authentico presents™ Cacia tomato pie pizza. Eat it hot or eat it cold, just like they do in South Philly.

Did your electricity go out? No problem. Delve into your pantry and pull out Authentico’s shelf-stable Bread Sticks & Marinara Sauce™ or pepperoni rolls to experience Italy in every bite.